Преподаватели на събитието

Loukas & Giogria 2023

Carlitos &Agustina

Уроци с Уроци с Carlitos &Agustina
  • WS1: Variants of walks for the use of space. /ALL LEVELS/
  • WS2: Ideas to build useful sequences in social dance. /ALL LEVELS/
  • WS3: Dissociation as a principle – concept – rules, and ways of working on it. /INT/
  • WS4: Circularity in space and in the body. /INT/
  • WS5: Timing: timing within the couple and how this affects the movements. /ADVANCED/
  • WS6: Our way of creating dynamics and changes of dynamics /ADVANCED/
Carlitos & Agustina 2023

Octavio & Carolina

Уроци с Octavio & Carolina
  • WS 1 – „The Cadence“ The first and most important connection between movememnt and Rhythm. Most common possibilities and technical tips to achieve a good quality musical walk /ALL LEVELS/
  • WS 2 – „Tanguisimo“. Corte, Quebrada, Parada, Final are movements with strong visual impact that make part of tango history. Incorporating this to the dance to give a very Tanguero style. /ADVANCED – master class/
  • WS 3 – „Milonga“Cadence, rhythmic precision. From Lisa to Traspie. /INT-ADVANCED/
  • WS 4 – Dancing Darienzo. how to dance the style taking into account the musical qualities of the orchestra: rhythm, nerve, strength and character /INT-ADVANCED/
  • WS 5 – Dancing Pugliese. how to interpret the personality of the orchestra: sound textures, the drag, density and explosiveness /INT-ADVANCED/

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