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Loukas & Giogria 2023

Loukas Balokas and Georgia Proiskou

Loukas Balokas and Georgia Proiskou went together to their first tango class in 2000. Since then and until today their life is bound to this dance. They constantly work with some of the most important tango teachers and staying in Buenos Aires for a long time played a leading role in their dancing culture and evolution.


After years of practicing and exploring the fields of improvisation and choreography,they have developed a personal style. The characteristics of their dance are the musicality, speed, alterations in the dynamic of the movement and the intense dramatic elements. They love toying with the classical as well as the modern forms, mixing them.


Their teaching is based on the understanding of the basic dancing elements, trying to provide our students the necessary tools to create their own dance through an entertaining method.


Loukas and Georgia are considered to be one of the couples mainly responsible for the distribution and establishment of the tango community around Greece. For more than 15 years they teach in the major Greek cities,maintaining a regular student basis in their own tango studio, in Athens (Tangofix). At the same time they participate in important festivals in Europe and Asia. Every year they present their work in several workshops,inside and outside country, while they appear in many theaters,as members of different dancing companies.

Lessons with Loukas and Georgia:
  • WS1 Paradas and adornos. Spicing up the typical movement of leader and follower /ALL LEVELS/
  • WS2 Followers’ sacadas. Practical ways to create sacadas for our followers from typical positions /INTERMEDIATE/
  • WS3 Sequences with connected ganchos and boleos /ADVANCED/
Carlitos & Agustina 2023

Carlos Espinoza and Agustina Piaggio

Carlos Espinoza is a dynamic “milonguero” style dancer who has been dancing for the last twenty years in Argentina and Chile and has instructed at hundreds festivals and workshops in Europe, Asia and South & North America gaining a fiercely-loyal following worldwide.


One of Carlito’s first tango teacher was Carlos Malone and Sergio Natario, who taught him the importance of walking.


In 1998 Carlitos began teaching in Argentina and Chile and in 2001, in Europe. Word quickly spread and since 2004 he has instructed in Europe almost full-time. When Carlitos is not touring he resides between Santiago, Chile and France where he instructs group classes and gives private classes to a seemingly endless stream of advanced students who arrive daily from around the world to work with him.


Carlitos dances an authentic close-embrace milonguero style tango. His personal dance style is characterized by a rare combination of extreme dynamism, profound musicality, energy, precision, and a very grounded and elegant walk.


Agustina Piaggio is a young social dance tango dancer. She began her career as a dancer in the streets of Buenos Aires – Argentina and dancing in “dinner show” restaurants for tourists who visited the country, over the years she began to travel through Europe and Asia teaching and doing tango shows. She was also a cast of tango companies. In the last few years, she became the world Champion of Pista Tango. Currently works in the biggest Tango festivals in the world together with her dance partner Carlitos Espinoza.

Lessons with Carlos and Agustina:
  • WS1: Mixed couple technique, construction and adaptation of the position. /ALL LEVELS/
  • WS2: Connection: axis, points of contact, intention and transition of the embrace. Use of instinct and perception to improve communication in the couple. /ALL LEVELS/
  • WS3: Organization and focus of the dance from a musical point of view /ADVANCED/
  • WS4: Build the dance of two, both active roles and proposing. Exploration of our own interpretation. /ADVANCED/
  • WS5: Turns I: Sudden changes of direction during the turn. /INTERMEDIATE/
  • WS6: Turns II: Combination of linear turns and circular turns. /INTERMEDIATE/

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