Sofia is a surprising blend of modern spirit, hipster cafes, and long-standing history. Within a single day, you can explore Byzantine architecture, take a breath of fresh air in one of the numerous parks or the nearby Vitosha Mountain, taste tempting delicacies from the Balkans, and see the city come alive at night.

When visiting Sofia, be sure to:


  • See the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral with its Byzantine Revival architecture – one of the largest church buildings in the world;
  • Check out the Ivan Vazov National Theatre and relax at the park that surrounds where young people meet;
  • See the Ancient Serdica Complex – archaeological complex with remains of Roman Sofia;

• See the National Assembly and the monument of Tsar Liberator Alexander II;
• See National Palace of Culture;
• Stroll along the pedestrian zone of Vitosha Blvd and explore shops, restaurants and boutiques;
• Stroll along the popular Tsar Shishman str. with a lot of little hipster shops, cafes, bars and places to eat;

• Escape to the green areas of the city or in the Sofia zoo;
• Trace Bulgaria’s history at the National Historical Museum;
• Explore the interesting collections at the Earth and Man National Museum, one of the largest mineralogical museums in the world;
• View artifacts and exhibitions at the National Archaeological Museum Sofia area;

Sofia area

Head out to the outskirts of Sofia to visit the Dragalevtsi Monastery in Vitosha mounting;
Relax by Lake Pancharevo and enjoy the stunning view.