As world champions in Vals category our maestros prepared for you 3 hours seminar for mastering the specifics of the Vals, consisting of the following main topics:

Vals I: The musical phrase and interesting closes.

Vals II: Circularity of the movements adapted in the music

  1. Feeling good and looking good

Starting from the head to the feet, common mistakes and their solutions will be discussed. You will learn how to improve your balance, axis, posture and embrace, finding the balance between feeling comfortable on the inside and looking beautiful on the outside. You do not have to register in couple.

  1. Intro to musicality

Here 5 popular orchestras will be introduced. You will learn to recognize the differences between them and how to transmit this ideas into the dance using basic steps and embrace. Please bring also paper and pen. You do not have to register in couple.

  1. Taking a break: Paradas

In this lesson you will learn to express the pause with paradas. Maestros will give you a few ideas how to stop the movement or make it last and how to place it to the music. Registration in couple is recommended.

  1. Giros and sacadas in close embrace

You will learn to make a smooth and fluent giro with sacadas without opening the embrace. You will work with аdjustment of the embrace with a concept of rolling. Registration in couple is recommended.

  1. Managing the giro

You will explore different possibilities for finishing a giro or changing its direction. Maestros will offer a few ideas how to always be ready to pause, exit or turn to the other side. You will play with changes of dynamics, circularity and musicality. Registration in couple is recommended.

  1. Ganchos

If the music asks for it and space in the milonga allows, follower ́s gancho is an excellent element to interpret the accents in the music. You will work with two ganchos in giro on both sides. Registration in couple is recommended.

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