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Sofia is well connected to most European cities and you can easily come to the festival by plane/by car or by bus.

Transportation to Sofia

1. By Plane

Low cost companies Ryanair, Wizz Air and EasyJet offer direct flights to Sofia.

Bulgaria air also offers direct flights to some cities at reasonable prices. Other main companies that offer comfortable options to Sofia at reasonable prices are Alitalia, Lufthansa /incl. Austrian airlines/, Air Serbia, etc.

Here are approx. rates of the flights and the cities you can come from directly with low-cost companies:

  • Belgium – Wizz, Ryan
  • France – Wizz, Bulgaria air
  • Germany – Wizz, Ryan, Lufthansa, Bulgaria air
  • Greece – Ryan
  • Hungary – Wizz
  • Italy – Wizz, Ryan, Bulgaria air, Alitalia
  • Netherlands – Wizz, Ryan, Bulgaria air
  • Portugal – Wizz. Bulgaria air
  • Slovakia – Wizz
  • Spain – Wizz, Ryan, Bulgaria air
  • Sweden – Ryan
  • Switzerland – Wizz, Bulgaria air
  • UK – Wizz, Ryan,EasyJet, Bulgaria air
  • Ukraine – Ryan

2. By car

  • Greece: Thessaloniki – 300 km; Kavala – 315 km
  • Macedonia: Skopje – 250 km
  • Romania: Bucharest – 380 km
  • Serbia: Belgrade – 400 km; Nis – 170 km
  • Turkey: Istanbul – 550 km


3. By bus

Flixbus and other bus companies offers cheap round trip travels from:

  • Hungary: Budapest – 40 €
  • Romania: Timisoara – 40 €; Bucharest – 20 €
  • Serbia: Belgrade – 50 €
  • Turkey: Istanbul – 50 €


Transport within Sofia

1. Public transport – Use the metro, we recommend it!

Night milongas venue is located right at metro station James Bourchier /2 min/. Daily milongas venue is located at metro station Serdika. Both stations are at the same metro line, 3  stops from each other. Ticket for metro is 0.80€.

By bus: We do not recommend this option. Price is same as the metro and is much more complicated and slower.

2. From the airport to the centre

From Terminal 2 – Metro Station “Sofia Aiport” to “Serdika” Station; At Serdika Station metro lines connect so you can change lines for James Bourchier station; from Terminal 1 take a shuttle bus to Terminal 2;

Here is a metro map:

3. Taxi

Initial charge – 0.40€ + 0.40€ per km. It’s cheap, so we recommend you to use taxi.

Cost of taxi travel from the airport to the center of the city is around 6€. Look for the main company outside – “Okay supertrans” taxi. Price per kilometer shall be under 1 BGN. If it is above 1 BGN, then this is a cheat taxi. Don’t worry very much if you catch such a taxi – it is still safe, but the cost will be double. Even if you mistake the company, the maximum possible price will be around 10€.

Cost of taxi from the center to the night milonga venue is around 3-4€.

4. If you come by car

If you are coming by car and staying at the center of the city, mind that there is a vignette sticker for the roads and paid zone for parking in the center.

– There is a “weekend vignette sticker” active from 12:00 on Friday till 23:59 on Sunday, which costs 5€ . If you cannot fit into these hours, vignette sticker for 1 week is 7.50€, you can buy it from every gas station or online: https://web.bgtoll.bg/. One liter of gas here costs around 1.10€

– For parking in the center of Sofia there are two zones – Blue and Green zone. Look for the signs of the zones.

– Blue zone is active Monday to Friday from 08:30- 19:30 and Saturday from 08:30-18:00 h. It costs 2 BGN (1€) per hour and in order to pay, you have to send SMS to number 1302, text – license plate of the car.

– Green zone is active Monday to Friday from 08:30- 19:30. It costs 1 BGN (0.50€) per hour and in order to pay, you have to send SMS to number 1303, text – license plate of the car.

– If you don’t pay your car might be locked and moved to a public parking, then you will have to pay a fee and put yourself into administrative complications.

– Next to the night milongas venue there is green zone. Next to the daily milongas venue there is blue zone, also green zone. Below you can find a map of the paid zone and also a picture of the signs for blue and green zone. You can pay with SMS or buy a ticket from the nearest local shop/offices (cabins) of the local Urban Mobility Center.

Attachment of the blue/green zone map and the signs:

Look for the green zone, which is free on Saturdays.

More useful info about Sofia you can find here.

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